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Appendix 4

Appendix 4
Configuration File Parameters

These parameters are used by the included sample programs. When building new programs, try to use parameters that are already defined. If new parameters are needed, be sure to document the parameters when submitting the new program for inclusion with the distribution.

LOGFILENAME Name of logfile to log interface messages
LOGFILECOUNT Maximum size pf logfile in rolling logfile configuration
LOGFILESIZE Maximum size of logfile in rolling logfile configuration
PGPORTNO Port number of Postgres DBMS; default is 5432
PGHOST Host name of Postgres DBMS; default is localhost
PGDBNAME Database name for interface, test or prod
INTERFACE Interface name, same as Ptrkeys entry
DESTHOSTIP IP number of system to send data
DESTPORTNO Port number of system to send data
QUERY Optional parameters for selecting data from tranfile
ACKSTRING Series of characters identifies acknowledgement characters
WAITTIME Number of seconds to wait before communication retry
TRAN_DEGIN_DELIMITER Transaction begin delimiter, typically 0x0B
TRAN_END_DELIMITER Transaction end delimiter, typically 0x1C 0x1D
PIPEPATH Path name of location of pipes for interprogram communication
PIPENAME Pipename for interprogram communication
OUTFILENAME Output file name
RCVPORTID Port for server progrmas to listen on; see etc/services
RECTYPE User defined transaction type; ADT
RECFORMAT User defined record format; HL7
INFILENAME Input File Name

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