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Appendix 3

Appendix 3
Troubleshooting And Support


General Notes

Stop and start options do not work on the View Interfaces menu Verify the script files in the webit/bin directory exist and work correctly; verify the programs have the setuid bit set and are owned by user zwebit, group zwebit in usr/local/bin
Records appear to be sent but ACK/NAK not working Check framing characters
Message "error opening logfile" Verify the directory exists and the program has write permission on the file.
Delivery programs do not wake up or process new inbound data Verify the pipe path and name settings in the acquisition program profile are set up to use the EXACT same pipe path and name as the delivery program. Also verify directory exists with valid access permissions.
On the web-based front end, selecting view log files does not work Verify symbolic link to the test/logs and prod/logs directory into the html directory. If it does not, create the symbolic link with the following commands.
  • cd /usr/local/zwebit/html
  • ln -s ../test/logs tlogs
  • ln -s ../prod/logs plogs
Bind Error A bind error is a result of one side of a TCP/IP communication remaining active and the other side of the interface is trying to reconnect. A bind error is like a phone "busy signal", the other side must hang up before the initiating program can restart the link. If both programs (client and server) are inactive and this message still occurs, wait a couple minutes. The problem is eventually cleaned up by the OS

Send an email to support@zhsac.com for further assistance.

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