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zWebit Overview

Chapter 1
zWebit Overview

What is zWebit?

zWebit is a stable, reliable, and affordable interface engine that is suitable for use in demanding environments. Originally designed to be used in Healthcare environments, zWebit could be used in other environments as well. zWebit provides the framework for accepting data transactions from one or more data sources, modifying the data, and forwarding the transactions to one or more destinations. zWebit could also be configured to perform other tasks with inbound transactions, such as database updates, printing, etc.. This guide focuses on sending and receiving data. zWebit is a Linux based, open source interface engine with GPL licensing.

zWebit Context Diagram

This diagram illustrates a sample zWebit configuration.

Who can use zWebit?

Any organization (or person) who needs to pass data from one system or process to another system or process can use zWebit. To use or modify zWebit, you will need to be familiar with Linux. To create customized interfaces, you will need to be familiar with the C/C++ programming language. If you wish to work with zWebit but are not familiar with either Linux or C/C++ programming, you can contact HealthCare Systems and Consulting for assistance. Porting zWebit to any MS Windows or SCO platform is highly discouraged due to platform stability and legal liability issues.

This manual is written with the assumption the reader has some level of Unix or Linux knowledge, though not neccessarily an expert.

zWebit Features And Benefits

System Requirements

The zWebit engine was created using the following tools:


There are several elaborate, sophisticated, and costly interface engine products available on the market. The performance and stability of zWebit on appropriate hardware compares favorably to commercial products for a fraction of the cost. The original version of zWebit was built on a dual Pentium processor with 1 Gig of ram and a 70 Gig RAID hard drive. It easily supported a 200 bed hospital and 12 interface connections. The prototype zWebit handled over four million transactions in two years with one hardware failure.


All zWebit libraries and programs are licensed under the GNU General Public License. The overall design (two tables, TCP/IP communications programs, and web based front end) are licensed under the GNU GPL license. There are no license fees associated with this software.

Development And Support

Development, support and implementation assistance are available and are fee based. E-mail info@zhsac.com or contact HealthCare Systems and Consulting at either 817.379.1110 or 817.937.7583 for information. If you would like to assist or support the zWebit project in any capacity, please e-mail support@zhsac.com or contact HealthCare Systems and Consulting at either 817.379.1110 or 817.937.7583.

Future Development And Features

Future developments of zWebit will be based on the needs of the clients, customers, and users.

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